Which is the better brand for Psu's

ok i had a psu ordered but its on back order for a month so i cancelled the order and i need to find another one now , whats a good brand ??

heres what they recommended, he said seasonic are a good brand and that they have one on the shelf , also said they had coolermaster and bequiet available , are any of these good PSU's

would like it to be fully modular ??

heres what they sell

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  1. hes right--seasonic are a quality maker

    out of the ones you list i would go for

  2. Seasonic, XFX, Antec and Corsair (TX enthusiast line is better than the CX Builder line) are outstanding. Silverstone, Bequiet and OCZ are excellent, be more careful with the specific model that you purchase. Stay away from the Coolermaster Extreme Power PSUs - they are craptastic. The only PSU that I would consider from CM are the Silent Pro products.

    I would personally get one of the Seasonic S12II or M12II, XFX Pro series, Corsair TX or Antec HCG. What are your system components?
  3. thanks guys my build so far is

    Cooler Master Cosmos 2

    Z77 Asus Sabertooth

    Intel i7 3770k CPU

    Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 2 ,CPU Cooler

    2 x 2GB Asus GTX 670 DirectCU II TOP

    16GB Corsair Vengance LP Black 1600 Mhz

    128Gb Samsung 830 SSD

    1TB Western Digital Velociraptor HDD

    ASUS BW-12B1LT blue-ray optical drive
  4. X-series is SWEET!
  5. so which would be the better buy ?? is it worth the 50 quid extra for the 150 w and 80+platinum ???

    Seasonic P1000W, Modular, 92% Eff', 80 PLUS Platinum,


    Seasonic X-Series SS-850KM, Modular, 80 PLUS Gold,

  6. You don't need the extra 150W for your setup and the power savings from the efficiency difference between Gold/Platinum would take a long time to pay back that 50 quid.
  7. Any of them will work ;)


    If you notice the fan not spinning up, this is one of the technologies in the power supply. The power supply is not on load so there is no need for the fan to spin up! Cool eh? :D
  8. Went for the seasonic 1000w platinum in the end , I know it's overkill or current system , but I want this system to be upgradeable over the years , and with that PSU it should be able to take anything I throw at it , plus it has a 7 year warranty ,
    Thanks for your help guys :)
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