Links from forum thread to articles on Tom's don't work

Dear forum manager,

On "wireless networking - connectivity and range" there's a thread called "FAQ" that contains broken links that should open an article on this website (Tom's).

I didn't try all the links, but for instance the answer that compares USB adapters to PCI's and PC cards has a broken link.

This is a very valuable thread!!!! hope you can fix it, pleeeeaaaaaase :sarcastic:
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  1. Please link to the thread so we don't have to try and find it :) If it's very old it may be linking to pages from Tom's Hardware of the past. Since the link structure has changed since many years ago it may no longer work.
  2. thanks for the attention,

    this thread is fixed as the third from the top, origianlly posted on Feb 2006, if read the documentation trail correctly.

    see link:

  3. Ah yes, that's linking to the old domain, which hasn't been used for a long time.

  4. It is a five year old Sticky post and some of the sites you which thiggins linked back then may no longer be around.

    Maybe if you post your specific question in the Wireless Networking>General sub-Forum, someone will have an answer for you.

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