I am in the market for a wireless router for my Laptop Toshiba L355-S7908. not f

Why hello there!!! My name is Angel and I am in the market for a netgear router so i can download music from my sofa or car etc. but which is best. I have a Laptop Toshiba L355-S7908 and w all this (G)-(N)_(L) stuff I dont know which is best to download music, and send my files to my attorney or sear the web without my pc shuttn down or lockin up? Please advice???
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  1. netgear 3700
  2. Emerald said:
    netgear 3700

    Wow...someone answered!!!
    Thank you Emerald!!! Short but too the point!!! :bounce:
    Enjoy ur evening and thank you !!!
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