DELL N5010 heating issue & hard drive bad sectors problem

My hard drive of DELL N5010 is having some bad sectors? and of course the overheating problem(played high level games too much POP 5, RE4, RE5, DARK NIGHT etc., NFS HOT PURSUIT) .....
is replacing the hard drive is the only solution??
and how can this overheating problem can be resolved??
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  1. I had same problem with my laptop except for the HDD..what i did is i opened up my laptop and cleaned everything, then i replace the TIM on the CPU and Gpu and the overheating went away...For your HDD, i think you need to replace it.
  2. Yes, clean out laptop using an air compressor. In addition, you can buy a cpu cooler that will decrease the overall temperature of your laptop.
  3. these system are not designed for heavy load.... the only way to deal with overhearing and heavy load... is keep redoing the TIM or dont use under heavy load. or mod the chassis and add up some DIY cooling system.
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