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I am going to build my own computer in a week or so. I'm planning on buying an ASUS P8Z68 deluxe MoBo with an intel i7 2600K. With that, I decided that I will buy a evga GTX 560Ti (FTW version).

I read on asus' site that the p8z68 has two x16 slots. and when both slots are used, that the speeds change to x8/x8. Lets say later on in 2012 i will but another gtx 560ti. Will i be able to have both cards functioning in x8/x8 speeds? If so, how much performance will i loose in comparison to a NF200 board that has x16/x16 slots?


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  1. sorry for double post but bump.. (thread was in 3rd page
  2. The reduction in performance is minimal, nothing to really worry about to be honest.
  3. Oh ok.. i was looking at the asrock z68 extreme gen3 and it has this nvidia nf200 card that runs at 16/8/8 . Does this mean i can get, say 3 gtx750s in SLI?
  4. Oh ok thanks ;)
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