Fan controller help?

Okay so my NZXT Sentry 2 recently caught fire.... (Luckily the cheaply made cords didn't take anything with them.)

Anyways... I now find myself in a strange predicament. I need a new fan controller, but am not willing to just venture off without some advice and try to get one to fit my needs.

So here's what I need,

A fan controller that can support 6 or more 120m LED fans. And perhaps 2 more 120m LED's + 2 140m LED's...

Not sure if that's feasible or possible... But yeah. I need it to fit in my drive bay, and would love to have a full range of controller over the fans hooked up to it. Another LCD style display would be a plus, but really after that near catastrophic failure of my last one... Well I'm willing to have anything that's unlikely to die on me for a while.

Also what is one to look for in fan controllers? How many watts should it support? Could my last fire have had something to do with plugging 6 fans into the controller? (2 of them were on the last channel's connector.)


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  1. I owned this fan controller for 6 fans is great.
    For more than 6 fans ill recommend you this can controll up to 12 fans and have great customers reviews.
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