2 seperate +12v rails into 1 Graphics Card?

I have an Antec Truepower New 750w. It has 4x +12v rails each at 25A. The non modular cables contain 2x pci-e 6+2 connectors each on a different rail at 25A each.

My question is can I plug a pci-e connector on +12v coming from rail 3 into one socket of my soon to have GTX670 and the other +12v coming from rail 4 into the other socket of my GTX670. Is this necessary or am I just paranoid that I do not have enough power to run a GTX670 on a single 25A rail.

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  1. I think that's the whole idea of multi rails. To spread out the load makes sense to me. I would post the question to Antec support.
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    If you have two hardwired PCIe cables, each on a different +12V rail, you might as well use both of them. There's no problem in doing this.
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