Buying new hardware

I will soon buy new components for my computer. Currently i have:

Core 2 duo E8200
4Gig of RAM
Gigabyte ep35c-ds3r motherboard
Radeon 6850 1GB
650W chieftec PSU

And i will swap RAM,CPU and MB.

Which components should i buy for about 300-350€ ?

I mainly use my computer for gaming and i would like to play upcoming games like: Max payne 3, Mass effect 3, Diablo 3, . . .

I don't know which cpu to buy (i3, i5 or Phenom II X6 T1055 for example?)

Please help me taking this hard choice and compiling my new rig.

Many thanks, M16si
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  1. if you plan of using the same gfx card, either cpu brand will do you just fine. i would go with the less cost route. even a phenom 2 x4 and that card would be a solid mix.
  2. Could you paste some links or specific models... im really confused with all the models put out in the market today
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