Why cant i be a girl on dragon age origins

Hi i'm facing a problem when i first played dragon age origins it let me play as a girl now it keeps troubleshooting when i even try to make a girl and i cant complete any quests with a girl as a main character anyone know anything that will help please (i even checked to make sure my computer would run it and everything checked out)
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  1. Since they implemented Facial Recognition into game, only females can play as girl in game, make sure your web cam working properly!!

    j/k sorry could not resist
    You might get more info on the actual game forum thou :)
  2. I have no idea why it would not let you play as a female. I am positive you can play any of the Origin stories as both male and female. You should be able to choose right at the start of the game with the character creator. You might want to reinstall the game. Sounds like it might be a corrupt install.
  3. wow i did'nt know that thnx for the info lol :kaola:
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