Are these specs any good for basic gaming/multimedia?

Hey, wanted to build a decent computer that can be used to play some games and also for multimedia use. Want to know if the following specs are any good.

Intel Core i5 2400 3.1GHz
ASRock Z68 Extreme 4 Gen 3 Motherboard
Thermaltake EVO Blue 750w Power Supply
Kingston 8G(2x4G) KHX1600C9D3B1K2/8 GDDR3 1600MHz CL9 HyperX
Sapphire HD6790 1GB Graphics Card
Thermaltake COmmander Chassis
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  1. I recommend ASUS or Gigabyte motherboards as better quality alternatives. Any model z68 will do.

    Thermaltake power supplies are not the best of quality, plus 750 watts is way overkill. More wattage does not equal better quality. These are much better and will still have plenty of power.|17-341-050^17-341-050-TS%2C17-207-013^17-207-013-TS

    For the graphics card, you could bump up to the 6850 for just a few more dollars.
  2. if you will stick with asrock then z68 ex3 gen 3 will perform well, if not go grab some msi mobo currently a fan of msi so far never had problem with all their product including all my test materials,

    for PSU go for Seasonic 520W 80plus bronze, you can never go wrong with that, it should be good enough

    for msi mobo, z68a-gd65 g3/gd80 g3 both are geb 3 ready

    are good for their price, check out those in newegg they got some nice rebate on those mobos after that you should be all set

    for the GPU btw

    6770,6850,6870, is more than enough at 1080p with nice fps, but still your call
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