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its in the wrong section but no one has replied for like an hour so ive come here lol.

im using my pc and its in need of an update,
and I need to take it to my parents house for the net.
the problem is they dont have a monitor or tv I can use.
So the question is can I use the laptop my parents have?
I use hd for my pc and there laptop has a hd port,
so is there a way I can use the laptop screen for my monitor?

thanks alot
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  1. I doubt it, though I've never tried it. The HDMI port on the laptop is likely an output only affair. Is there a reason you can't just bring your monitor with you?
  2. Lol I would do but its abit hard with a 32'' hd tv going down 3 flights of stairs
    then coming back up with it when im finished lmao
    plus I need to travel bout 10mile to get there lol

    oh well, looks like im gunna have to buy a dvi to vga if they make it lol
    because ive got a small flat screen monitor with vga only
    ive got a radeon hd 6870 if thats helps to find an adapter?

    thanks alot for your help
  3. Most cards come with an adapter. My XFX 6870 came with one, and it works fine. Maybe rummage through your computer stuff and find one? They aren't too expensive on NewEgg, but I don't know about brick-and-mortar stores.
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