Will a Corsair HX850W PSU fit in a CM HAF X(are the cables long enough

Are the 24pin power connector and motherboard power connector long enough to fit through a Cooler master HAF X Full Tower case?

ALSO++, Quick question. How do I connect a SSD to the PSU? I am not sure how the SATA cables work.
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  1. the cables should be long enough my corsair tx750 cables were fine in a haf x

    ssd drives connect just the same as normal sata drives--sata cable from ssd to motherboard and sata power cable from psu
  2. Measure the case, then look to the specs of the PSU on Corsair's site or Newegg, this hsould answer your first question.

    SATA cables are designed to only plug in one way, look at the SATA on the SSD then the connector on the PSU and you will see what i am referring to.
  3. I got an extension cable with my hafx, did you not get one? or not got the case yet?
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