Help Please! Do i need a better PSU?

I just got a new graphics card.

I got a Radeon 6870

I heard it needs a 500W PSU.

I currently have a 450W but i understand it may be straining my GPU and i may not be getting the best performance out of it

I have noticed my PSU has been hotter since i got my new GPU.

My current PSU is a Liteon PS-6451-5

Could anyone recommend me a good PSU if needed and one that has two 6pin PCI-e cables thanks!
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  1. your PSU is hotter because you are pushing it harder. you don't post a budget so I'll just name two PSU to looks at

    budget - corsair CX500 v2
    quality - seasonic 520w

    the seasonic is $70 out the door on newegg and is the better of the two. the corsair costs less yet will still do the job. internally is not as well built as the seasonic, hence the cost difference.
  2. He's talking about this Seasonic:
    I have one and it's awesome...semi-modular, 80+ Bronze, 5 yr warranty, rock solid rails, and quiet...not to mention that it's on a major discount right now.
  3. Too bad i live in the UK and can't get one from newegg? Do you guys know of any available in the EU?
  4. And do i definately need a new PSU?
  5. Based off of the limited system info you posted im 99% sure that Liteon PS-6451-5 PSU is more than fine. I would venture to guess your entire system inst pulling over 300 watts. The 6870 pulls about 140 watts give or take a few watts.

    You can calculate the power draw if you like:
  6. CT1651 is right in that the PSU is working harder to supply the power your system is demanding with the new GPU. On the other hand, your system is running. Are you experiencing any system stability issues? Locking up, reboots, shutdowns, etc? If you're not having any stability issues and the heat/noise from the PSU is acceptable to you, then you don't need to get a new PSU.

    A less expensive option than the M12II in the UK is this XFX Pro 550W:
    It's actually made by Seasonic and based on the M12II PSU. I'm not saying you absolutely need a new PSU, but if you decide to go down that road, then this a good option for you.
  7. I'd rather spend less than £50, does it help that my 12v1 rail is 18amp max and 12v2 is 16amp max
  8. Rugger asked the key question: Are you experiencing any system stability issues? If not I wouldn't change the PSU.

    You will see a lot of misinformation on PSU wattage required for computers. Like you already have "I heard it needs a 500W PSU. " which is absolutely not true.
  9. Well on the website it says i need a 500W psu (required) and i don't know if it's straining it. I overclocked it earlier to try and my pc kept rebooting
  10. James is right - modern PCs use much less power than most people think. Read this recent article on power consumption in three modern PCs:
    The GPU mfrs spec their PSU requirements with some extra headroom because they know there are a lot of shoddy PSUs on the street.
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