Balancing VPN use and privacy

We have business and private virtual hard-drives on the one networked hard-drive. We wish to arrange that VPN visitors can only see the business virtual drives. Do we create two networks or two domains for instance? We have set up logmein succesfully but it does not provide the privacy we need.
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  1. Depends on the security used on the networked hard drive I suppose. What method of authentication do clients need to provide to access the shares once already authenticated through the VPN?
  2. since you are already familiar with Logmein look at their other product Hamachi
  3. Woefully inadequate information here. Ppl are forced to make wild guesses. I'm not even sure the OP literally means VPN when he uses that term given the reference to LogMeIn (why would guests need anything more than RDP/ VNC if the connection is already secured over SSL, or even access to a complete desktop if the issue is only hard drives). I'm not even sure what the OP means by "virtual hard drives". That's too vague. Virtualization can be achieved in many ways. I might have a piece of software that literally creates a virtual drive letter on some machine, then have various (actual) folders and files mapped to the virtual drive. Or I might be using virtualization tools like VirtualBox or Vmare and creating an entire virtual environment (maybe that would explain the use of LogMeIn, perhaps installed on the VM).

    Anyway, it's an interesting issue, but again, you're gonna get nothing but ppl throwing darts at the problem until you provide a lot more details.
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