HD6570 Does not Downclock at 2D

I have a Computer with an AMD HD 6570 Graphic Card, before, when I quit any 3D software/games and when the GPU Utilization is at 0% The Core Clock goes down at 100Mhz and the Memory Clock goes down to 150Mhz.

Recently I used ATi Tray Tools to overclock but it broke AMD OverDrive and I couldn't enable it anymore. I re-installed the entire system (Format + Re-Install) and I installed the same version of AMD Catalyst Drivers.
But now when GPU is Idle The Core only Goes down to 200Mhz and the Memory stays at 800Mhz which is the default frequency...

A curious fact is when I overclock the memory it increases the Core Clock too...
Here are the values.

Downclock memory to 400Mhz gives a Core of 100Mhz
At default memory clock Memory 800Mhz the Core is at 200Mhz
When the Memory goes above 900Mhz the Core goes at 250Mhz

When I use 3D the overclock still functions (Core goes to 650Mhz) but the 2D downclock just doesn't work.

If you wonder why I need it to be lower since the GPU is Hotter than before and it makes the fan always run... 57 C at idle but before it was 48 C...

If you need more info just ask it and I will post it, thanks... :)
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  1. Nvm, I found the problem... The GPU auto-clock the Memory to 800Mhz when there are more than 1 screen plugged on the same graphic card to prevent flickering in movies...
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