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My dad currently runs a GeForce 8800 GT in his computer, the rest of his computer is a bit more up to date. I think he has an AMD 960T processor, with 4 gigs of RAM, and a decent PS. For Christmas i want to help him get a better video card. Would a GeForce 450 be a significant difference from the 8800? Our would there be minimal performance increase? would the 460 be much better? is there an ATI alternative I can get that's reasonably priced?

He typically plays games like WoW and might play SWTOR or some other RPGs or MMOs. Thanks for any help!
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  1. Hi there...

    Yes, a 460 would give him i nice boost, i would say somewhere between 50~70% but it depends on how much you are willing to spend... I cant really say much about the 450 but i think it would be a nice upgrade too, if i recall correctly the 8800 was replaced by the 9800 which was later replaced by the GTS250, so a 450 should be much better...
  2. 460 would be a lot better than a 450.
    The 460/6850 would see an increase of over 50% over your current card.
    The extra money over the 450 would be well spent.
  3. A GtX 460 would be a better upgrade than the GTX 450 and when upgrading you want to be two or three levels abone what you have for it wto be a worthwhile upgrade. You can use the chart in the link I provided to make your own observations.

  4. Wow you are a good son, a 460 would be a great upgrade for your dads pc
  5. Would an ATI 5770 be a significant upgrade from the 8800 GT?
  6. I have them both and I say no a 5770 is not the upgrade you should make
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