Netgear n600 dual band router/ zyxel pk5000z nat prooblemb

hi guys,
I just got a new router and I cant seem to get my nat setting open for my xbox 360 I have all of the ports i need forwarded, forwarded to my xbox and i have a static ip set up for it. I have the router in the dmz of my modem and I have nat and upnp enabled on both the modem and the router. what can i possibly be doing wrong?
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  1. what is your internet setup? modem and router, or modem/router? what are the model numbers?

    do you have internet access?
  2. I have internet access the router is connected to the modem thats connected to the dsl. the router is a
    WNDR3400 and the modem is quests PK5000Z. I also have a second router connected to the modem, its a commercial router that print certificates and charges people to use my access point if thats important, i would use this router instead but the pass through settings dont seem to work i can add mac addresses to it but it asks for a username and password anyway.
  3. to clarify you have internet access when you connect a computer to the WNDR3400? Just want to make sure it is not an IP conflict between WAN and LAN IP.

    Is there a reason you cannot connect to the PK5000Z directly?
  4. yes the range of the pk500z doesnt reach my house if i turn wireless on and the modem and router are at my business. I have internet access when i connect my computer to the wndr3400.
  5. I imagine you are using the wndr3400 in router mode.

    how about using it only in AP (Access Point) mode. To do that do the following:

    First connect the wndr3400 only to a computer, login, and setup the wireless security (if not already in place)
    Next turn off the DHCP, and change the LAN IP to match the IP scheme of the pk5000z but ending in .253 (if pk5000z's IP is set wndr3400's IP to
    Finally connect one of the four LAN ports of the wndr3400 to the pk5000z

    This will allow you to connect your XBox directly to the pk5000z by using the wireless range of the wndr3400. All port-forwarding needs to reflect the XBox's IP
  6. ok i tried this, i unchecked the box for use router as dhcp server and i changed my routers ip to, the modems ip is I then connected to the network and i couldnt connect to the router or the internet.
  7. did you change the IP of the XBox to match the scheme?
  8. oh did you mean i should change the xbox's ip to or the router?
  9. the router should be

    but you said you assigned a static IP to your XBox; therefore, you will have to change its IP to match the IP scheme of the pk5000z.

    Would it work if you set the IP of the XBox to

    Subnet Mask
    DNS (should work)

  10. here is what i put in my lan settings, but when i apply these settings i loose connection to the internet. do i need to let the modem know that the router is in ap mode somehow or where could i be going wrong?
  11. What is the LAN IP of the PK5000Z? Does it have DHCP enabled?
  12. make sure NOT to use the WAN/Internet port on the WNDR3400.

    connect the WNDR3400 via one of the our LAN ports to the PK5000Z
  13. That was it i still had the cord plugged into the wan/internet port on the wndr3400 the modem did have dhcp enabled im going to forward the ports from my modem to my xbox when i get home thanks alot for all of your help yet again emerald.
  14. everything is working perfect now we can lock this thread up.
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