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I just got a new tower for my computer, Cooler Master-Elite 430 Mid-Tower Chassis and heatsink
Cooler Master-V6GT 120mm CPU Cooling Fan with Heat Sink. I bought this because my AMD CPU phenom ii x4 965 gets way too hot while gaming..around 70 Celsius. Installed everything, an now my cpu is around 93 F. I'm think this is still a little high for playing Left 4 Dead 2. My question is how do I know that I set up the fans correctly, ie, intake, exhaust, etc. and in what order? I've never installed fans before, so please be as detailed as possible! Both user manuals are useless when it comes to fan set ups. Thanks for your time, allen
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  1. Normally the fans pull air in from the front/bottom and push it out the back/top. 93F isn't very hot at all for a CPU btw.
  2. 93f is only about 34c

    which is a really good temperature
  3. Thanks guys!
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