Gateway fx6800 suddenly does not find card reader.

My computer has been working great. However, today I inserted an XD card into the built in card reader on top of the computer and the computer does not find the card reader. How can I fix this? Thanks.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    Check in Device manager and disable the card reader. Then restart the computer. The computer will 'find' the card reader and enable it.

    Another option is to restore the system to an earlier date when everything was running fine.

    However, if the card reader has failed, then you will need to buy a new card reader. Most of them go in the 3 1/2" front bay.
  2. Thanks, Ubrales. I did try to go into device manager and disable everything. But, the final solution was as you said. I disconnected the power from the computer and waited a minute, rebooted and all is well. Thanks.
  3. Great! Glad that it is working now!
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