SB Live Problems???

I read around and heard that SB Live cards does not work when running under WinME?

is this true? because i am thinking of getting the card, but i am running under WinME

any help will be greatly appreciated!
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  1. It seems to work for me, but I have another problem; it kills my DOS command prompt. See my earlier post requesting help with that problem. I should mention that I started getting this problem when I moved the sound card (and ME) to my new system; in my old PII system, the card worked fine under ME.
  2. How are you getting to DOS from WinME?? Win98se I know has this problem when dropping to DOS and exiting Windows. Do you have some special version on WinME you would like to share with the WORLD>>>
  3. He means DOS box in Win Me.
  4. Works for me and there is the DOS box in Me try:
    > Start
    --> Accessories
    ---> "MS-Dos Prompt"

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  5. Every version of windows 9x I have used has had a RUN feature under the start button. So Start>Run>
  6. SBLive works fine in WinMe (or at least as well as it did under Win 98).
    If you get the first generation of cards, get the WinMe drivers off the web. If you get a 5.1 series card, the latest drivers are on the cd.
    I would advise you to disable SB16 Emulation immediately after installing the drivers. And Using Liveware is up to you, but if you computer starts acting funny, uninstall Liveware and just use the card with the drivers only.
  7. It works fine with all the windows, but I did not like the 200+ MB "driver" setup. Other than that the card works anywhere you put it.

    Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink:
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