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Better video card or SSD?

Hi guys. I have all of my parts bought except for the graphics card and possibly an SSD. Would it be better to get a Crucial M4 64GB SSD with a Superclocked 560 TI, or no SSD and a Superclocked 570.

I'll be playing games like Skyrim at 1920x1080.

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  1. Go for the 570 now , you can get an SSD later, the SSD wont give you better fps , will just load the games quicker.
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    Actually in a game like Skyrim you would want a SSD.Their is tons of loading screens.It all takes a toll or adds up.
    And although the FPS doesn't show in benchmarks you got to know that every time the games needs something that isn't in RAM and has to go to the HDD it takes time to access it.With an SSD it makes it almost instant which can result in better gameplay.

    I would opt for the GTX560ti and a SSD.Depending on your mobo you could get another for SLI which would be really really good.
  3. I agree with purple stank, Skyrim is by far one of the most "annoying" games when it comes to amount of loading screen / times. You would benefit a lot from an SSD, but then again you're looking at a 64GB one, that won't get you far.
  4. the 560ti should do fine at 1080p in most scenes, and the SSD will help a ton with loading time... but 64GB will basically fill up with Win7 and Skyrim.

    Any way you could buy both?
  5. I have a 60GB and it works for me.I have Windows 7(64),Skyrim,Battlefield 3 with about 5GB to spare(their's a bunch of crap that I know is taking up space but I can't remember what or where it is).

    I will admit it is small and sometimes gets annoying when you download a new game and you don't have enough space but only load your most critical things onto it where speed would be most beneficial.But the option of running a RAID solution is really great because you don't have to throw it away just for a bigger SSD.You can combine them for more space and a lot more speed.
  6. Thanks guys for the answers. I probably won't be able to buy both of them, unless I scrounge up an extra 80-100 bucks.
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