Fx-4100 temps, Plese reply!!

Yesterday I built a Pc and I installed a Amd Fx-4100k in it, I used the stock cooler and when I was putting the cooler on I couldn't get it latched :heink:, so I picked it up and turned it the other way and then latched it down then finished building. My first post everything was fine I got the almighty beep :pt1cable:, so I clicked on Hardware Monitor in the bios and it showed my Fx-4100k idling at 46C :o, and I don't think it should be that hot for idle so could someone please tell me if this is normal or if I need to reapply thermal paste or need a new heatsink or whatever. Please reply.THANK YOU!! :D
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  1. 46 degs C is medium high temp, especially on the stock heatsink - keep a close watch on this and if it does not get higher (worse) leave it alone.
  2. Would you happen to know the tj max on the fx 4100k, and do you think the temp could be caused by lifting the heatsink up and not reapplying thermal paste?
  3. I do not know what TJ Max is for this CPU.

    In cases where high (or medium high) CPU temps are experienced, it is always a good idea to re-seat the CPU/heatsink assembly. I did this twice on my Q9550.

    Use Arctic Silver 5 - http://www.arcticsilver.com/instructions.htm
  4. Use some shin etsu silicon grease thermal compound. It's about $7 for enough for 4 or 5 applications. If your in a pinch I guess Arctic Silver 5 is OK, but it takes 200-300 hours of use before your temps get to their lowest point. Shin Etsu stuff doesn't need to cure (no silicon based grease needs to, AS5 isn't silicon based though, from what I can remember.)


    performance is a little better than AS5, and a little cheaper (at least for me, a small tube of AS5 is about $9 here)

    If the idle temps are anything like my 1055T even on a stock cooler with turbo on and idling down to ~800 mhz I usually hit 19C-21C in a warm second story apartment. It also depends on your case, airflow, all that jazz as well. But really, idle temps don't mean much. Stress temps matter much much more!
  5. Thanks yall, I'm going to reseat my heatsink and pray for the best!!
  6. Turn off coreboost in your bios on the chip. Core boost raises your cpu voltage thus increasing overall cpu temp. If you want higher speed overclock it on the multiplier.

    There are plenty of guides on overclocking the FX series just type it in google. But turn off core boost and you'll get better temps. Cheers.
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