Problem with HD 6950 Crossfire in Skyrim

I have dual HD 6950 cards in crossfire, but I have an issue when in Skyrim.
After installing the CAP3 profiles, when accessing the 'esc' menus or using the local map, the area around the map/menu keeps flashing. It got worse and started flashing green. I reverted back to CAP2 profiles and the problem was gone. I went back to CAP3 and the problem was there again. I also disabled crossfire, tried it, and there was no flashing. After re-enabling, it started flashing again so I can confirm this is because of crossfire.

I haven't heard of anyone else having problems with the CAP3 profiles. What could be causing this? Or can anyone verify that this does happen with CAP3? Could there be something wrong with my cards?
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  1. A lot of issues with games are from the games itself, test other games like Crysis 2, Portal, MW3 and Battlefield 3, see if they have some issues.

    If your cards doesn't start locking up when the map/menu flashes, it Should be a driver/game issue, not a hardware one.

    If the 3D part of the game starts to flash and show artefacts, then it may because you overclocked too much or in rare cases, an hardware issue.
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