AMD Phenom ii X4 960t question. Plz Help

Just a quick question. I bought a new video card today bc I wanted to upgrade from a EVGA 9600GT Superclocked to a newer card that has DirectX 11 support. The card runs flawlessly. First game I tested was Crysis 2 and even though I had the video specs 1080 with a graphics setting on Gamer (ranges from Gamer, Advanced and Hardcore) I was getting 55 to 60 fps. The picture was beautiful and I was having a great time playing it. I Alt Tabbed out of the game to check my temps bc I had a feeling they would be somewhat higher with this new card and sure enough they were.

My CPU Idles around 38C and with the 9600gt, load would never go above 47C. When I checked after playing Crysis for about 10 minutes with the new card, my CPU was 52C. I continued playing for another 5 minutes before I decided to let everything cool off and the temp dropped back to 39C within 5 minutes.

So now for my questions, lol.

First, is 52C something I should worry about when I game or is it not that bad?

Second, what is the general safe zone for my CPU temp? I've spent hours Googling and reading mixed answers. Some say no more than 60C while others go as high as 70-75C.

Here's the specs:
CPU - AMD Phenom ii X4 960t (stock quad core, no overclocking/unlocking done also stock cooler)
Motherboard- Asus M5A97
Video Card- PNY Nvidia GeForce GTX 550TI 1024 MB of GDDR5
Power Supply- OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W
Case- CoolerMaster Elite 430
Hard Drive- Seagate Barracuda 500GB
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  1. Phenom II chips like to stay below 60C, but 70-75 is still okay

    52C is amazing
  2. Thanks for the quick response!

    I downloaded and ran Futuremark 11 bc I figured it would put a fair amount of stress on the CPU and VGA. I monitored the temps and the CPU never went above 52C. If 60C is a caution zone temp then I assume that I should be fine with the stock cooler for a bit longer.

    My main reason for asking about all of this is bc I didn't want to end up buying an aftermarket cooler the same day I bought the 550ti (even though the hyper 212 evo is only 30 bucks). For the time being I can get by with what I've got and still have WAAAY better gaming than with the 3-4 year old 9600.

    Again, thanks!
  3. Yep 52°C is fine on a Phenom II, the maximum temperature specified by AMD is 62° Celsius. Staying under 60 is fine.
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