Is it possible to 3-way SLI a GTX 590 with a GTX 570?

I was curious if you can take like an ASUS gtx 590, and a sli connecting bridge, and put in a asus gtx 570 if it would 3-way like that?
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  1. It has to be a 580 not a 570 to do that.
  2. A GTX 590 is two 580s, so no.

    It wouldn't even work with a 580 either.
  3. yeah i thought the 590 was 2xgtx570s, the mars is the 2 gtx 580s

    but question answered, thank you!
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  5. From what I understood its two downclocked 580s.

    Where as the Mars is two full feldged 580s (not downclocked).

    Not that it really matters, it wouldn't work either way.
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