There are a raft of best config threads added to the Homebuilt System forum.

I thought a DIY NAS thread would make for an interesting read and would certainly help anyone who was looking to build such a system.

Please consider this in the next raft of best configs.
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  1. I forwarded your idea off to Joe...
  2. And I'm going to ping the editorial team and find out if this is something they'd be interested in including in the BestConfigs. :)
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  4. Thanks Joe much appreciated. I know it's a bit niche but I'm sure it will help.

    Presumably all systems must be in dollars to be comparable and also avoids regional price differences? So no one should be posting in different currencies converted into dollars?
  5. However you want to get to the dollars and logistics portion is fine. If it costs less to buy your RAM in Freedonia, then by all means buy it in Freedonia and put that down as the price.
  6. Thanks for the forwarding tecmo34 and thanks again Joe.

    I just hope that there will be more than my post on the thread! :)
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