PNY Geforce GTX 560ti oc

Hi, I recently purchased The pny geforce gtx 560ti oc and installed it in a asus p5n-t deluxe mobo with 5gb ram 550w psu and win xp prof sp3 and each time i start up a game it will crash the whole pc within minutes
Ive tryed everything i could find online aside from downclocking since i cant find a reliable enough app for it ay help would be much appreciated thnx!
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  1. Your PSU seems to be borderline safe, so I would assume it would either be your GPU overheating for some reason (use GPU-Z and monitor your temps.), bad drivers (reinstall them), or your processor is too slow.
  2. Yeah psu is good enough for the card and mobo n cooling are all fine as well . I
    didnt know the processor could cause the crash from being too slow Im runnin the ....

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 2.40
    Conroe Socket 775 65nm
    xp pro sp3 (will be 7 by the time u read this though)

    thnx for any help offered much appreciated!
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