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Can we Start Toms Hardware Live Support for our Members like mIRC ?

this is very simple way to help all very quickly..................
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  1. I feel like an IRC channel for toms would quickly deviate off topic, it would be fun to have though.

    If you post at the right time of day the systems forum is pretty close to instant.
  2. If you want to organize an unofficial IRC channel, I'm all for it!
  3. purushottamaher said:
    this is very simple way to help all very quickly..
    Quickly only if the problem is also very simple.
    Difficult or complex problems rarely have quick solutions.

    Something like this might be good for people with problems but how would you work scheduling the 'right' support personnel? It's a lot easier to answer a few posts in the forum when time permits while multi-tasking other projects. I'd hate to have some people sitting in the IRC channel expecting to get some support when everyone one else is off busy with something else.
  4. I opened an unofficial IRC channel a few months ago but it never got off the ground. The problem with chat rooms is that someone needs to baby sit them and few people have that much time on their hands.
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