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Why does this happen and how can I fix it? Video problem.

I cant really explain what it is but its weird lines appearing in certain video games (just happens to be Homefront this time) when my character is moving. The lines appear near the bottom of my screen. I have a high level of tech background but I cant explain what is happening.

I'm running 2 Radeon HD 6850's in crossfire.

This video shows what im talking about. The lines go out of whack for a second so you need a watch closely. Turn down your sound as I did not anticipate the terrible quality.
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    If i see it right you are talking something like this?

    Turn on Vsync :)

    You card is producing frames so fast the first frame does not finish displaying before needing to be replaced.

    Vsync will lock the frame rate to the display rate for your screen. This will limit your max frame rate to 60 in most cases.

    Please note some games have slight input lag with vsync on and others do not(there is always some). I like you am very bugged by that, but some games have too much input lag with it on. You can force it on in CCC or in the game it self.

    Sync every frame, Vertical Sync, wait for vertical refresh are the same thing. If you play OpenGL games, turn of triple buffering to help performance with Vsync on.
  2. Vsync was turned off and when turned back on it was better but I still occasionally see it. I'll try messing with the options some more. Im running everything on max setting's with DX 11. Could that cause problems?

    EDIT: I messed around with some options and got it so I rarely see it. Vsync is off and when turned on see it often.
  3. Should not. Did you try to force it in the drivers?

    I do not have xfire. Maybe sometimes you can see when the 2 cards join an image(since they are working together), I am not sure. Best to go read the SLI/Crossfire FAQ.
  4. I got it figured out anyways. Thanks for explaining it though!
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