Cheapest video card that maxes out Skyrim...

im looking for the cheapest graphics card that can run skyrim at high settings if not max it out.

my comp. specs so far are as follows:
-AthlonII x3 455 3.2Ghz
-8 gb of 1333 ddr3 ram
-gigabyte mobo.
-(on board) radeon HD 4250 graphics chip
-42" flat panel at 1360x768
-i run on win 7
-500w corsair PSU

before you guys flame me on my specs i am a budget builder and i am not interested in high end brand name crap, i build for a high preformance to budget ratio. thx for your input it will be taken into high consideration.
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  1. I'd say something around a 6770 will get you to high settings. You are going to be bottlenecked by your cpu in skyrim to get get to ultra and for your resolution you might be able to go lower like a 6670.
  2. sir can you be more spesific in cpu bottlenecked coz my pc running skyrim in poor fps my rig is athlon II 245 no OC hd 6770 1gb 4gb ram psu thermaltek evoblu 550w

    As it recommends, you'd need at least 3.5Ghz on your cpu to get you to 30fps but that is with a phenom II. Since you have an athlon II your cpu will hurt even more which is why it might stick you on poor settings. I assumed it would still get him to high with a 3.2Ghz clock but I could very well be wrong.
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