My linksys router will not connect to xbox live game servers

i have and original xbox 360 hardwired to my linkisis router. i can use xbox live silver with all the game marketplaces and all that but when i have gold and try to go on multiplayer it says xbox liv servers are unavailible. my internet provider is xplornet and i have avg anti virus on my laptop i was wondering if i can setup my xbox to my computer or fix the problem with my router... plase help ive ha it for 3 years
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  1. [#3b00ff]The Xbox 360 can connect to the Internet to allow the player to access the Xbox LIVE services[/#ff0019]

    Navigate to "System" on your Xbox 360 menu.

    Choose "Network Settings," then "Edit Settings."

    Select "Wireless Mode" from the "Basic Settings" tab of the Network Setup.

    Allow your Xbox 360 to scan for available wireless networks.

    Select your router's name from the list of wireless networks. If you did not give your wireless network a specific name, it will usually be called "Linksys."

    Type in your router's security pass key if you have set up a wireless security password on your Linksys router.

    Press "Done" when you have finished entering your network settings.

    Choose "Test Xbox Live" from the menu and allow the Xbox 360 to test your wireless Internet connection to the Linksys router.

    Allow the Xbox 360 to update if you are prompted. The update prompt also confirms that your system can successfully connect to your wireless Internet from your Linksys router.

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