8800 GTX Died....Replacement?

Ok looks like my trusty 8800 GTX card finally died after showing the classic signs. I need some help finding a good card to replace it with. The card I had was:
8800 GTX 768mb, 384-bit GDDR3 PCI Express

My current system is:
P5N32-E SLI Plus 650i mobo
Thermaltake 700W Power Supply
Intel Quad Core Q6600
OCZ 4GB DDR2 (PS2 6400) Dual Channel

I was looking at the GTX460. Any other thoughts? Price range $200 and under.Like nVidia better than ATi as wel..
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  1. GTX 560 @ 185 bux. Basically an overclocked GTX 460.
  2. yes, gtx460 is good but your cpu can bottleneck a little.try to overclock your cpu as high as possible.
  3. I have the same issue and was wondering if someone could give me some advice.

    The same exact GTX8800 finally died in my system. I’ve had it a good four years now, and loved it. It wasn’t the original one on my system, but I upgraded to it either immediately, or shortly after getting the system. I loved it so much, that I’m considering on getting a replacement on EBay or something, but guess it’s time to upgrade if I can.

    It’s the “if I can” part that I need help with. I purchased my system 4 years ago, it still runs great and does everything I need, so I’d rather not upgrade if I could help it. The problem I think will be the power supply (although it did handle the GTX 8800 fine). Here is my system:

    Dell Dimension 9200
    Vista 32
    4GB RAM
    Intel Quad Core 2.4GHz
    375W Power supply

    I’ve read other articles on this site (which are very helpful by the way, thank you), and I thought I narrowed it down to getting the GTX 460 or 560, but then I read this on the NVIDIA forum and it scared the bejezus out of me:
    To have a "failing club" for the 400/500 series is amazing. Are the 400/500 cards really failing that much?

    If those aren’t a good choice, then I was thinking an ATI HD 5870 or HD 6870, or even the HD 6850, but it looks like all of those need a 500W power supply according to the ATI specs.

    So considering that I’m looking to stay under $200 for a card, what do you think is the best choice? I’m thoroughly confused at this point.
    Also, do I have to upgrade my PSU?

    I went out and bought a GeForce 210 just to get my system up temporarily (works surprisingly well actually), but I need a bit more speed, and would like my dual monitors back :)

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