Just Finshed Build 1 Prob

Hey all just built that 2 grand gaming system you all helped me out with : ) took me about 2 hours everything went AMAZING booted first try all usbs work everything just AMAZING!

One problem though, it posts , goes to the black screen where it says press f11 to change boot order or f2 / DEL for setup etc etc but my key board is not working.

I have the Logitech g510 the lcd lights up, on the screen it recognizes my mouse and keyboard are attached, the USB slots work as ive tested charging my ipod.

It just wont acknowledge the key strokes.

I am in a real pickle here as that is my only keyboard ( using laptop now )

Its a completely new build nothing has been loaded software wise.

Thank you for your time
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  1. Is it usb? You may not be able to use it until you have installed the kb drivers, had similar issues so,
    Remove keyboard from usb slot, boot up into windows, plug kb in, should get the 'installing drivers' guff, should be fine after that
  2. cant do that.Its a brand new install.Cant boot to windows cd without changing boot order and cant do that cause of the key board lol

    Yes, usb key board.
  3. quick thought, perhaps if i buy a usb/ps2 adapter ? those have to be dirt cheap.

    Ok also checked to see if pluging into usb #1 worked, it did not.

    So i figure my bios is not setup to detect usb off the bat.

    Im going to go to future shop tomorrow buy a ghetto keyboard, set the bios to recognize USB/Legacy than return it ; )

    unless anyone has any other ideas.Il post back if that works.

  4. Yup, was going to say if you can't borrow a ps2 keyboard then buying an adaptor is the next option
    But if you buy a cheap keyboard, may as well install windows whilst you have it, then plug decent kb in and install drivers (should do it automatically) before returning the cheap one
  5. SOLVED :

    5$ PS key board from china town.All is well in the world. : )
  6. Hopefully not with chinese characters hehe, glad you are sorted mate,
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