Additional fans for Carbide 400r help

About to order new build with Carbide 400r and wondering if I need to include some extra case fans. Can you please suggest how many 120 or 140 and which brand? Would like blue LED ones mostly for top exhaust, where else may I need them?

Build is i5-3570k, Asus P8Z77-V, Hyper 212, GTX670, and Corsair TX-850

120mm option
140mm option

Thanks, Ox
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    Here is an excellent write up that can help you decide on Fans
  2. Thanks, very good write up. one final urgent question, with the onboard fan controllers on ASUS P8Z77 -V, do you need pwm fans, or are 3 pin fans sufficient to be controlled?
  3. The 3 pin fans allow the motherboard to monitor the speed of the fan and it can be controlled manually. The fourth line on a 4 pin fan allows the motherboard to control the fan.
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  5. Would there be any issue with plugging a case fan into the "CPU_OPT" header?
  6. I would not do that, you can plug them directly to the PSU instead with an adapter!
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