Looking to buy/build a system, what is cheapest

So, I have a dilemma. My girlfriend is wanting to buy a system (for 300$) so I am coming here to see if the answer to my question has been addressed before. I'm wondering what the best computer is for 300 dollarS

- is it cheapest, to buy for this price, or to build for this price? and are there any recommendations as to what brands would be worth looking into for this price? acer/dell? or what?

concisely my question is what is the best deal computer for 300$?

sorry if I am not following the particular format in asking this question, just not so sure if it is necessary with the specifications I listed above. But I would definitely appreciate the help, and would be happy to post any other information needed for help. i do find it difficult to select the subcategory when posting as I have no idea whether its cheaper at this price range to build or buy a prebuilt system. sorry

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  1. best build for 300$ simple question, not sure if i need sli or crossfire or whatnot, but my budget will probably answer that question.

    wouldn't mind a refurbished system, as I am under the impression that they are not all that bad, and money can be saved through this route. furthering my performance for dollar. I live in california, USA next to the wharehouse for geeks.com / but I am not sure if they have would I need for this budget or not.

    Can someone please help me? Best build / buy or build/ for 300?
  2. If you need an OS you will struggle to build a system for $300, I'd say prebuilt would be the way to go.
  3. I agree with jmsellars. Considering the price of Windows and hard drives (A good hard drive is now $100 easily), a prebuilt system is the best way to go.
  4. +1 ^ Buy a pre-built fom Wally World or someplace. Windows OS alone will set you back about $100 right off the bat. If you can even find a computer there for $300. Good luck.
  5. I assume that since you're only budgeting $300 you don't intend on doing any kind of gaming or anything with recent games on high settings. If your intention is to use the computer for casual use a $300 prebuilt system should more than suit your needs. I'd suggest shopping around at your local electronics stores rather than looking online as you then may have to potentially deal with RMA etc.
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