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Okay First of all ...... Hi!
I wanted a nice graphic card under 100$
I have 4gb ram and an Core 2 Duo E7500 (2.93ghz) PSU - 250w max
(i still am not sure) iv've narrowed it down to Radeon HD 6670 .(is any other card better at the same cost?)
here arises another problem , what manufacturer should i select ? HIS , XFX or Sapphire?
And finally , I dont Know the PCI - Express version nor the slots
I've also taken a picture of my interface (crappy picture )
Help me with choosing my Graphic Card (i need to play Skyrim , BF3 dont mind low-mid settings)
ive downloaded Cpu-Z and here is the log file(only the PCI parts)
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  1. That's PCIe 16x, so you're good for modern GPUs. What PSU do you have?

    $100 should get you a 5750/5770. Do you live in the USA?
  2. I dont live in the US
    I'm from India
  3. What cards are available to you? Give as detailed a reply as possible. And what PSU do you have? (You might call it an SMPS?)
  4. I can get all cards i think (i buy online at , otherwise at my local shops)
    And i've written my PSU is 250 W max
  5. I don't see where you wrote 250W. I'm not in the habit of clicking obscure links from new people. The 6670 draws around 60W if I remember right, and your CPU is probably good for another 65W. (125W) And in another 50W or so for your board and drives, and your draw is probably somewhere around 175W. 250W might do it, depends on your unit. How many amps are on your 12V rail? You might need to drop down to a 5570, or buy a new PSU as well.
  6. Well this is what i got
    +12V - 17A ( -12V - 0.3A)
    +5V - 18A
    +3.3V - 11A
    (I've included the power in my post itself)
  7. 17A * 12V = 204W. If my 175ish figure it right, you'll have about 30W to spare, or 2.5A on the 12V line. That's pretty much flat out for a lower PSU. I do think you should get a weaker one, or upgrade PSU first.
  8. Hi Brennan
    Where are you based ?? You cant get a HD 5770 for 100$ over here :( The prices are usually inflated here .
    What resolution do you game at ??
    I don't mean to be rude but forget about playing BF3 if you can spend only around 5000INR for GFX card . You've gotta upgrade your PSU . That should be your first priority IMO

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