Is my psu sufficient for my pc ?

I have a cooler master rs 400 psar j3 400w psu with dual 12v rails with 17amp on each of them

and here are my pc specs

intel core 2 duo e7500 @ 2.93ghz
ram-2gb ddr2 800mhz
hdd - 320 gb 7200 rpm
gpu - sapphire radeon hd 6670
mobo - asus p5kpl am in
and please explain me what does dual 12v rails mean because i think 17amp on a single 12v rail is very low but dual rail is giving me some hope .
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  1. Your psu is fine for that low end graphics card, the only case where you would need a higher amperage on the 12v rail's is if you where using a mid to high end graphics card that requires 2 6-8 pin periphrial connectors.
  2. It is enough for your specs although it is not the best! What you need to look at is the combined rating Which is 276watts/12volts = 23amps!
  3. Ok let's assume that its not the best psu but can it handle my pc for 1 or 2 years because i'm not thinking about any upgrading or overclocking i will upgrade my whole system after 1 or 2 years so will my psu be enough for 2 years as i also has warranty of 2 years .
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    Yes it can! The only problem is the CM reputation not delivering promised power but you will not be pulling max load out of that PSU since typical load for a system like yours with HD6670 is just around 200watts!
  5. Thanks man i really appreciate your help .
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