Need help with a build, please.

Hows it going, I am wondering if someone can help me build a system on, I have no budget but I don't want to over spend on a system that will be overkill. I just bought a 3d monitor and I want a computer that will run games at max at 120hz and in 3D. I really appreciate it, thank you.
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  1. Looks awfully expensive. Would you be averse to building it yourself?

    I don't think any configuration currently exists that'll max out games like Crysis 2 and BF3 with 120hz. As such, you can't really go overkill on the graphics power. If you really want to max them, you'll have to do 7970 3-way Crossfire, and that's ridiculous, but 7970 2-way would be significantly cheaper (still on the order of $2500-$3000 or so).
  2. Have to go Nvidia due to a lightboost monitor, I never touched the building a computer aspect myself. I was thinking about spending 4-5k. Thanks again.
  3. Ah, OK. Another option do you want wait a month or two or go for it now? Nvidia's next generation of cards, Kepler, should arrive before the end of February, and if it's as impressive as the 7970 (it should be), it may be worth waiting for. If you want to go for it right now, you could go 580 triple-SLI.
  4. Thing is I think it already takes nearly a month to get a maingear computer, cant be without a computer for two months lol. Maybe i should go with someone else, I just heard a lot of great things about maingear and they seem to have the best warranty. Also they are located in Jersey, I am in NYC, so shipping the computer would be easy can even drive it over if it has problems. But they are very expensive, not sure it's worth it. Thanks, appreciate it.
  5. Maingear would work fine, as well as any other prebuild company, I think.
    OK. I'm going to whip something up on an X79 platform. It's going to be wildly expensive. This'll be fun.
    Note: Maingear only seems to support 3-way SLI on their two most expensive cases.
    It's running $4700 right now, with a 180gb SSD in there and three 580s. Code FDGJH on Maingear.
  6. Thanks appreciate it, do I really need a SSD? They seem overpriced for such low space. Thanks again.
  7. Yes, on this kind of budget you really do. They're far, far faster than hard drives, so booting, game loading and general OS actions will be significantly speedier. You could make do with 120gb, though.
  8. Oho! You can do it on Cyberpower for under $3500! Configuration 1DXHDK, or the link back there.
  9. Thanks appreciate it, will have to think about what to do. Thanks again.
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