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I7's 960 vs 2600k

So obviously the 2600k is better than the 960 but is it a HUGE difference?

Will games be coming out soon that will not be able to run at max settings on a 960 that would run max on a 2600k?
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    1) Yes, positive difference, but not worth upgrading from i7-960 to i7-2600K

    2) No - The i7-960 will run games very well.

    Suggestion: Try overclocking the i7-960. For reference, my i7-920 is overclocked from 2.66 GHz (stock) to 3.82 GHz. Running at this OC for over two years! No temp problems.
  2. no there is not a huge difference. and for gaming the answer is again
    NO! if you have the 960 it doesnt worth to upgrade to 2600k.
  3. The overwhelming majority if games do not need a lot of processor power to run games. The i7-960 is more than enough for everything out today. You will probably get little to no benefit from a 2600k over the 960.
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