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Not sure where I should post this. I'll give as much info as i can find on my build.

PSU is 680 watts
graphics card is a Galaxy GTS 250
2gb of ram
dual core 1.6ghz cpu
motherboard is a 945gtc-m3

it was originally an old emachines build but i've just bought new stuff for it over time to due until i can get the money up to build my own. I know quite a bit about computers, but it seems this problem here went over my head. I'm currently on the computer right now, but who knows when it's gonna mess up again.

Here's the run down on it.

Every now and then, when the computer first starts (i mean literally, first starts after its been off a while), i'll get an error code. its repeating 1 long beep and 2 short beeps (Phoenix Award BIOS). It leans to my graphics card being either faulty or not seated properly. Well, I've reseated it many times. Strange part is, it'll only give that error on the first shot on turning it on. After it's done that once, i turn it off and back on and it starts up and passes POST.

Problem that just happened recently
Yesterday, it started doing this thing where my display would turn off and my fans would kick into overdrive. It did it in the past, but now it's doing it a lot more frequent (10-15 times in the past 24 hours). I was assuming it could be a cable issue just not being seated properly. I'm still thinking its possible. I've reseated all the cables one at a time but it never would get my computer to start back up. I'd press the power button and the fans would kick on full speed and would still have no display or POST success beep. Earlier, i realized that if I grabbed all the cables in the computer and slowly pull them towards the outside of the computer, the fan speeds would lower instantly and just turning the computer off and back on would make a successful POSt and my computer would boot up. This is so strange. I don't have anything else to test for faulty parts at the moment. I'm dreading to know the graphics card or PSU is going dead. Basically, the options I think are between the PSU, Graphics card, mobo, or a seating issue.

I think more than 1 opinion could help me out. Any ideas?
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  1. Sounds like the PSU is dying. Could be the mobo, but I'm leaning towards the PSU with the display turning off and fans going into overdrive.

    Edit: What do you mean when you say you "grabbed all the cables in the computer and slowly pull them towards the outside of the computer"?
  2. I think you need a new board, I'm sorry to say. But replace the CMOS battery and see if that helps. It could be a bit in the BIOS that isn't holding due to a weak battery.
  3. well, the PSU could be faulty (about a year old now and i went with one that was about $60). And basically, I took the side cover off the computer, grabbed the 24 pin connector cable and pulled it slowly to the outside of the case. All the cables are pretty well tangled together so they all moved with it. I have a multimeter to test for shorts, but didnt want to take that route so I just moved the cables around as stated above and the fan speed slowed down.

    And the CMOS battery is good, I've tested 3 others with the same results.
  4. The fan could have slowed down due to unblocking the airflow by moving the snarl of cables out of the way. Have you tried resetting the BIOS by removing the battery and jumpering the CLR CMOS pins?
  5. Yeah, i tried that one. I wouldn't have suspected the cables would cause the issue. Weird thing is, if I do pull those cables (which seems to work best now) and I hear the fan speeds drop, the computer will turn on. Possible short in one of the cables coming out of the PSU?
  6. Any idea on the POST fail on first launch attempt? it just repeats 1 long, 2 short beeps. -Phoenix Award Bios

    EDIT: By the way, it only happens if the computer has been off for about 5 minutes or longer. It will fail the first time, but it comes on when i try it again.
  7. Sure sounds like a bad connection at one of the headers. Is the 24 pin connector in all the way... so that the clip is latched?
  8. yeah, about 30 minutes ago though, i went in and pulled everything and reseated it all 1 by 1. no trouble as of yet, but i know if i get confident about it, something is liable to mess up lol
  9. Check that the clip is latched on the CPU power cable too...
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