The Soundest Solution ?

Hi TH gurus !

I have just ordered all my components to do a nice new build but I have reached the bottleneck in my tech expertise, sound. After attempting to do a little research, I am going to defer to you guys for advice.

The solutions I am currently looking at are a pair of Razer Tiamat cans:

And a decent ( but not overly expensive ) ASUS Xonar DS 7.1:

These will be plugged into an ASUS Z77 Sabertooth:

Now I know that the mobo alone has 8 channel output, but my experience in the past would suggest that the audio quality is going to be a lot better with a separate sound card.

While I am excited about the Tiamat... I have had a VERY bad experience in the past with headphones that used dedicated drivers for each channel of sound ( Triton AX Pros that died in less than 9 months.)

I am trying to keep the price down a little bit and the place that is being reflected is in the sound card choice, which brings up my next concern. This soundcard doesn't appear to have a headphone amp. Just how crucial do you think the amp would be ?

I am going to be using this setup primarily for games and music ( just mp3s no lossless flacs or w/e ). I want some great sound quality in a package that comes in under ( WELL under, hopefully ) 300 dollars. I am limited to headphones by my living circumstances.

tl;dr Are those headphones going to last 2 or more years and sound great with that soundcard, or do i want to look at other options.

***Thank You***
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