Ideal temp.

I've a Dell inspiron n5030

speed fan reads:

HD0: 46

temp 1: 61
core 0: 54

This temp is good or hot? and at what temp should the fan start working??
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  1. is that at full load? if it is then those temps are fine
  2. that's without playing games or so, just internet browsing nothing else!
  3. and thanx for the reply Robi :)
  4. Are u sitting in hot room temp?
  5. ^+ a lot of points,
    Ambient temp dictates your minimum idle to a degree ordinarily,
    have you cleaned dust out of the heatsink lately?
  6. @nikorr
    room temp around 28


    I did't open to clean but I blow air in it.

    but I need to know at what temperature that the fan should start working.
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    Look in your bios for any fan settings, there should be some form of fan control, the new uefi has quite comprehensive menu's but even older bioses should have something,
    if no joy there then download speenfan and control the fans startup and target temperatures through that,
    i would advise cleaning the heatsink though, don't just blow air into the case, take the side off and grab a toothpick, pick any chunks of fluff out of the Hs,
    if its really bad then remove and wash in a sink, dry properly and replace using fresh thermal paste
    but the fan should be running as soon as you fire the Pc up, and ramp up speed as its needed
  8. How can I control fan startups? There is nothing I can find in speed fan that controls the temp it starts!
    And there is nothing accessible in Bios I got to control the fan, I Ran the tests but it didn't say that there is any thing wrong.
    these temps mean there is something wrong with the fan, right?

    Thanx everybody for the replies :)
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  10. As I said the fans will start up when you turn the Pc on, if you want them to kick up sooner, set the target temp as low as you can, then Sf will fire them up sooner to try attaining that temp,
    And Thank you for B.a. man,
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