Question about power supply watts for computer

I'm gonna build a new computer. gonna buy these

amd phenom x4 quad core 3.2 ghz cpu

8 gbs ram

radeon hd minimum of 500 watts gpu

1 hdd

4 fans

just bought a 500 watt 5 mins ago from new egg and had thoughts if it was a smart move for this, or do i really need more than 500? thanks
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  1. What is the GPU that you are buying? What is the make/model of the PSU that you bought?
  2. corsair 500 watt psu

    and i'm gonna buy a gpu in prob 6 months since the gpu i have can run D3 on high settings, but i see the top $$ gpus say minimum of 500 watt psu so i was hoping that would be enough
  3. I'm going to assume that you'r e talking about the Corsair Builder Series CX500. That PSU has 34A available on the 12V rail and is sufficient for most modern single-gpu PCs, but would be insufficient for PCs that require more than 34A on the 12V rails, like the GTX580, GTX 570, GTX 590, GTX 690, or GTX 670.
  4. ah so it's good for single gpu's instead of crossfire 1's...thx

    gona order new mobo/cpu soon...looking at some towers! they look pretty nice..i want those mesh filters over my fan to keep it clean..thx for help
  5. if i ordered it like 12 hours ago, how long until i get my items? i used 3 day ups *** guaranteed so...hopefully next week soon! lol
  6. it a long weekend this weekend it going to depend if anyone in the warehouse Monday morning and if the shippers are picking up packages on monday. if not your parts are going to go out on Tuesday of next week.
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