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Cpu Temperatures higher than normal by a far margin !!

Hi :)
i have the Intel core i5 2500k .i haven't done any overclocking or anything really just today i left my PC open to download something
when i got back home i found out the the PC is turned off due to there was no electricity for some time
when i opened instead of logging into windows he give me a choice to boot new windows or to start windows resume so
i opened the bios so while i'm there i noticed that my CPU temperature is too high it even reached 85 despite there was nothing stressing The CPU because as i said i'm in the Bios so i checked the CPU Fan (Stock cooler) and it was running at 2400 RPM and still the Temperature kept going up so i checked if it was installed correctly i even took it out and then put it again and nothing and when the Cpu is Idle the temperature is 55 :( i don't know what's the problem should i get thermal paste or get an aftermarket cooler ?
i should note that i installed a new windows because i couldn't log in the one that was installed
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  1. It looks like you will at least have to reseat your cooler with new paste! If you are planning to overclock you might as well use the opportunity to upgrade to an aftermarket cooler!
  2. might be a dodgy sensor on the motherboard, did you replace the thermal paste when you put the stock cooler back on, I didn't once and the fan went crazy.
  3. i think i will go with an aftermarket cooler because those temperatures are really annoying so what aftermarket cooler should i get? (the voltage of the CPU jumps to 1.200 could this be the cause for what this is happening )
  4. 1.2 will not give you too much heat(i do not even think that is over voltage for that cpu).

    My personal favorite for the price is the Coolermaster 212+(easy install and works well). The new 212 Evo may be a good option if the price is not too much more.

    In the bios, the cpu's power savings features are not running. This can result in higher temperatures as the system sits in the bios. But 55 idle in Windows would say you have either a loose/damaged pin on the cooler.
  5. So i will be good with either the 212 plus or the 212 Evo ?
  6. Yes both are excellent coolers for the job!
  7. and this surely will put an end to the heating problem? (when i run a game the CPU reaches high up to 85 and even to 98) (instead of 56 or 65)
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    If properly mounted!
  9. haha lol ok i'll make sure that it will be properly mounted
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  11. 016ive said:
    and this surely will put an end to the heating problem? (when i run a game the CPU reaches high up to 85 and even to 98) (instead of 56 or 65)

    Just to confirm, i have a 212+ on a I7 920(@ 3.5[stock was 2.66] Older and hotter) and it had no heat problems. I used different paste(MX-2) but you should still be fine.

    You will surly be very happy with that cooler.
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