Enabling SLI crashes my gts 250

I have two geforce gts 250's. I install the driver on the cd that came with one of the cards and it doesn't have an option to enable SLI in the nvidia control panel. So when I download the latest driver from the nvidia website it has the option to enable SLI but when I do the control panel stops responding and one of the cards disables itself in device manager (error code 43).

I am using a p8p67 rev 3.1 mobo and I have the cards in slots 1 and 2 connected with the SLI bridge. I have a 1000w power supply which is more than enough for my rig.

I have tried uninstalling all the drivers and reinstalling them, it does the same thing. I am lost. I read some threads about this but I wasn't able to solve the problem from them. Thank you for any help!
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  1. Try what this thread what they were doing and Good luck

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