GTX 460 SE or HD 6850

Hello, I wanted to upgrade my GPU and it seems I have a choice between EVGA GTX 460 SE and XFX HD 6850.

Although the 6850 seems to be more powerful, I have had a bad experience with my current AMD HD 5750. My 5750 currently keeps BSOD'ing while gaming, and it gives a BSOD every 20 seconds with Windows 7 Aero on, I have to keep Aero off now.
Some games it would show artifacts, hang up for a few and then resume with repeating this every 20 mins or so and after this happens in a game, as soon as I exit the game it BSOD's giving atikmpag.sys
In some games it just shows artifacts, hangs up and BSOD's displaying atikmpag.sys

So, this makes me not want to go back to AMD and end up being in this *** again.

What do you guys think? should I go with the 460 or the 6850?

PS : oh and they are for the same price here.

EDIT: I am willing to overclock as much as possible on the stock cooling
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  1. A bad card could as well come from nvidia. To put it simple the HD5750 is broken!
    HD6850 is superior to the 460SE
  2. I have also heard that Nvidia has superior drivers and an OCd 460 could beat an OCd 6850.
    Also Nvidia has Physx and 3D vision support.

    So, considering all this, which would be a better buy at the same price?
  3. HD6850! Drivers is a myth and when they are comparing those two it is the regular GTX460 1Gb they are referring too which is a different animal from the SE!
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