Is E4700 2.6 worth upgrade over pentium D 935 3.2

i have following specifications
intel pentium d 3.2(two core)
intel 945 board
galaxy gts 250 1gb
2gb ram

my rig is old but i want to upgrade my CPU without upgrading the motherboard but the max CPU my board support and is compatible as per Intel site is E4700 c2d 2.6 processor (with 2mb l2 cache memory) which is still available in market in my country(also E4500 is available $15 cheaper). is it worth upgrade over my current Pentium d 3.2 (with 4mb l2 cache). will i observe a notable difference while playing games like battelfield 3, masseffect 3 etc.
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  1. You will notice a nice difference between a Core 2 Duo and a Pentium D. Mainly because Pentium Ds had odd buggy issues, and are just not good CPUs.
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