The Right POwer Supply for this configuration

My config -

Phenom ii x4 960T
Msi AM3 SLI motherboard
2X (GTX 550 Ti SLI X) @SLI in SLI configuration

Is Corsair TX 750V2 a good enough PSU for this ? and yes , my last PSU killed 3 i wanna be sure of safety , i was going for TX 850 , but it isnt in stock right now and i i am going for tx 750.

And yes the extreme vision calculator shows required wattage = 530 and asus shows req. wattage=630.
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    The TX650 V2 would be sufficient for that configuration; that TX750 is more than sufficient for your rig.
  2. Yes as stated above a quality 650watt would be enough and 750watt plenty!
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