5770 6770 crossfire scalability

I plan to purchase a 6770 if it will scale well with my 5770. Does anyone know first hand whether this combination scales well and have there been any issues with certain games or reasons not to use this setup? Thank you in advance.
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  1. What you mean by "Scaling"? Crossfire?
  2. Yes, sorry I mean 5770 and 6770 in crossfire. I have seen on official spec sheets that they are crossfire compatible but was unable to find any reports on someone's experience in doing so.
  3. They will scale in the same way the 5770's did
    from what i've heard is the 6770 should be the master card. (top slot)
    you should be seeing performance that will vary by game.
    any reviews of the 5770 in crossfire will be the same as the 6770 and 5770 in cf
  4. Alright, thank you for your input.
  5. As far as I know, the two cards should be compatible since they have the same core structure and same features (like Dx11 and OpenGL 4.1) but maby the Default Catalyst driver won't allow it, if it doesn't work, try installing a modded Driver.
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