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Need help on running skyrim

I'm not in anyway shape or form good with computers so if I need to upgrade anything else besides my graphics card please let me know. My max price for upgrading right now is $240.
these are my current specs I think-graphics card:ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics 3gb of video ram
-processor:AMD Phenom(tm) 9150e Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs), ~1.8GHz
- operating system:Windows Vista™ Home Premium (6.0, Build 6002) Service Pack 2 (6002.vistasp2_gdr.110617-0336)

Like I said i'm not good with computers so if anymore information is needed please let me know. Your help would be greatly appreciated on this matter :D .
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    Well for starters u can...... GET RID OF VISTA!!!!
    Skyrim and vista or anny other game dosnt belong on a vista OS.
    It sucks.

    Well graphic card is about it when it comes to gaming.
    My pc is 5 years old with a Duo core E6850 3 ghz, 4 gig ram, and a asus motherboard.
    6 month ago i bought the 560 GTX TI SuperOverclocked, and with it i can run Skyrim on close to ultra.

    As your pc specs seems better or atleast as good as mine, with expetion of your GPU. You just need a graphic card.
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  3. 1) You have a 1.8Ghz CPU. That is quite slow. It is nowhere near as fast as a 3Ghz 6850 like the person above posted. Skyrim plays best on a balanced system with a fast CPU/fast graphics card.

    2) While Vista was not a great operating system when it first came out if you have limited funds for an upgrade spending $100 of on Windows 7 is not going to help, especially on your old hardware.

    3) You very likely will have to buy a new power supply to run a new graphics card. You need to post the power supply you have so we can tell. You almost certainly do not have enough power to just go buy a 560Ti as was "recommended" above.

    4) You really need to upgrade your whole system if you want to to new games, especially on higher resolutions.
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